What Your Sunglasses Say About You

Style is a very subjective thing when it comes to fashion. Everyone will have their tastes and favorite ways of dressing up, and not everyone will agree with how a person styles. Remember when Lady Gaga dressed up in a raw meat costume back in 2010? That certainly raised a few eyebrows at the time!

One such fashion accessory that is very much down to personal taste is sunglasses. They perform two functions; they protect our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays, and they also complement what we wear and what we look like.

But did you know that the style of sunglasses you wear can offer a clue to strangers about specific things you like or dislike in life? It’s (probably) true! Check out these types of sunglasses and their subsequent interpretations to see what I mean!

Disclaimer: this is just a bit of fun and doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a specific type of person according to the sunglasses you wear, so don’t chuck your Aviators in the bin if I have misdescribed you!

Round or rounded sunglasses

Interpretation: you are a very musical person and probably an instrument of some description, maybe even a woodwind instrument like a saxophone or a flute.

Square or squarish sunglasses

Interpretation: you love to wear shorts instead of trousers or jeans – maybe you are just much warmer than everyone else around you? You also probably thought about getting, or already have, a technical job such as an architect, computer engineer, or rocket scientist for NASA.

Cat-eyed sunglasses

Interpretation: you were a cat in a former life… meow meow! You probably enjoy watching black and white films from the early part of the 20th century, and you love to write poetry by candlelight.

Star-shaped, heart-shaped, or completely over-the-top sunglasses

Interpretation: when you were a kid, you used to love playing on the trampoline in your back garden, but then you stopped one day when you got terrified that you might jump so high, you’d end up in outer space. Either that or Elton, John was your childhood hero.

Mirrored sunglasses

Interpretation: you want to give people the impression that there is an air of mystery and intrigue about you. If a person can’t see your eyes, they will never know what you are feeling or thinking. You might also have a female friend that seems to forget to take her compact mirror whenever she needs to attend to her makeup, so you’re just a suitable mate by helping her out.

Wrap-around sunglasses

Interpretation: you are an athletic, sporty sort of guy or gal. You probably love to go out on long bike rides, attempting to beat your personal best with every trip you make.

Or you might be a surfer and want to look the part, even if you live nowhere near the beach. You might even secretly buy Ray-Bans from an online retailer to wear if the surfer dude/dudette look doesn’t work when you are trying to impress someone on a hot date!

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