How to Become Instantly Photogenic

Not everybody looks good in photos; even people who look fabulous in the flesh sometimes look less than beautiful in photographs. All it takes is a little practice and know-how to make sure that the image on the picture is every bit as fabulous as you are in the flesh.
Here are a few tips which can make anyone more photogenic than they naturally are:
• Lots of people tend to blink in photos, and if that’s you who gets on everybody’s nerves in the group photos because “someone” had their eyes shut, try this technique. Just before the photograph is taken, close your eyes and then open them up slowly before the click – perfect eyes wide open.
• If you always look like you have a double chin in pictures, try this trick. Push your face a little bit forward, sticking out your forehead and your chin a little down, you might think you look awkward, but in fact, the results will be fabulous.
• Matching makeup is another important aspect if you want to look great in photographs. If your foundation is a little paler than it ought to be, this will be magnified with the camera’s flash. Make sure that your complexion matches in with your chest, and don’t forget your neck.
• Pay attention to your lashes – curl them and use plenty of mascara. It helps your eyes to appear more prominent and more open, creating a super focal point for the photo.
• If your smiles tend to be a little bit wide and, dare I say it, “goofy” looking, try this trick – place your tongue up behind your front teeth – that should sort it out.
• It’s rarely flattering if you look straight at the camera – try turning your head slightly to the right or left (whichever is your best side), and this will give added depth to your features.
• A white backdrop will make your face appear brighter. It also helps the camera to find the right color balance on auto settings so you won’t end up looking too yellow or pink.
• Bright lipsticks translate well to photographs, whereas dark and matte lipsticks can make you look older.
• You need a little blush on your cheeks to avoid looking two-dimensional. A little pink shading applied to the apples’ cheeks will help your face to an excellent shape.
• Have your picture taken more often. If you (like me) hide when anyone gets their camera out because you hate the way you look at photographs, you’ll never find a good one. The more pictures you have taken, the more chances you get to capture your true beauty.
• Photographs are more flattering if they are taken from above rather than below. If you tower over the photographer, find a seat, and sit down.
• Don’t say “cheese” – even if the photographer tells you to. Saying cheese is just, well – cheesy and fake. The best way to a natural smile is to think of something funny or joke with your photographer.
• Using props can help you to relax, which will translate well into the photograph. Pick up something like a flower or some other decorative piece, and your posture will soften and improve, adding personality to your photo.

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