5 Ways Having a Security Door Can Save You Money

5 Ways Having a Security Door Can Save You Money

Everyone knows that having a security door can drastically improve your safety at home and the protection of your possessions, but did you know that having a security door can actually save you money? When it comes to security doors, the main reason to install one is safety, but there are also many reasons why it can be a great decision financially as well.

5 Ways Having a Security Door Can Save You Money

Security doors are a great way to boost the curb appeal of your home, while also adding a safety feature that will improve your level of protection again burglaries and break-ins. Jim’s Security Doors offers a huge range of quality, customizable Security doors Melbourne to suit every property as well as every budget. Unfortunately, home robberies are one of the most common crimes in Australia, with recently released statistics showing that 4.3% of Australian households experienced a break-in or break-in attempt during the past year. These horrifying statistics mean that it’s advisable to take precautions to protect your home against the threat of robbery. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to install a quality security door. 

#1 Reduce your insurance costs

One of the ways that many people don’t realize security doors could save them money is by reducing their insurance premiums. Insurance companies have amassed considerable research into the way robberies are conducted and which security measures are the most effective in preventing break-ins. Studies have shown that in around 30% of cases, a thief will enter a home through the front door and that in most cases they will take less than five minutes to gain access to a property. Security doors are an effective preventative measure because thieves know that it will probably be more difficult to break into a property with a security door installed, the doors work as a visual deterrent as well as a physical one. Simply put, insurance customers with security doors and window screens fitted are less likely to be broken into and therefore less likely to have to make an insurance claim. Insurance companies know this and will sometimes reduce your home and contents insurance premiums by up to 20% if you have installed the approved door and window security features such as security screens and security doors. To check if you have access to these insurance savings, it’s worth contacting your insurance provider to discuss your options.

#2 Reduce your energy bill

A security door or window will allow you to ventilate your home with fresh air without compromising the safety of your home. This means that you can save on air conditioning costs and enjoy having a fresh breeze flow through your home without worrying about an intruder taking advantage and accessing your home. For additional security, Jim’s Security Doors offers one-way/privacy mesh so that not only can you enjoy fresh air through your home without letting flies in, but anyone approaching your door won’t be able to see into your house.

#3 Avoid the expense of being the victim of a burglary

Each year burglaries cost Australians over $2 billion dollars. The average cost per incident for residential burglary is around $2,000 and around $4500 per incident for non-residential burglary. These figures definitely put the relatively low cost of improving your home security into perspective. It’s always best to be prepared and be able to avoid being targeted by a thief.

#4 Boost your curb appeal and improve your home’s value

Like other home improvement features, installing a security door can improve the curb appeal of your home. Potential buyers can be swayed by the façade of a home, so if your property looks well-presented and has quality security features, it can end up attracting a higher property valuation. For Property Conveyancing Brisbane Jim’s is the best option.

improve your home’s value
#5 Avoid having to replace broken or torn flywire screens

Flywire screens are undeniably cheaper than security screens, but they can end up costing more in the long term. Screen doors don’t offer protection from anything larger than a fly and are made from cheaper materials and will therefore need to be replaced regularly, particularly if you have pets or children. Security screens are much more durable than flywire screens and won’t warp or tear over time. Premium model security doors are also covered by warranties lasting between seven and 10 years.

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