The colors you choose for your wedding set the tone for the theme and elegance portrayed at the ceremony. Many things should be considered when selecting your color scheme. Choosing this aspect early on in your wedding planning process will make it easier to make other plans and find the appropriate decorations and supplies for your wedding.

Think of the Season

When choosing wedding colors, consider the season during which your wedding will take place. It is essential if you have an outdoor wedding or reception. Many types of flowers, decorations, and dress style may only be available during certain seasons and could be more costly and harder to find during the off-season. If you are having your wedding in the winter, choose white, silver, blue or purple. If you are having your wedding in the fall, choose orange, yellow, brown, or green. Summer and spring work well with bright or pastel-tinted schemes for wedding ceremonies.

Incorporate your Taste

Think of your favorite colors or a color combination you have always liked, and consider that for the scheme for wedding decorations and floral arrangements. For a fun way to incorporate both the bride and groom’s tastes, use each person’s favorite shade to create the color scheme. You may need to adjust the shadows to get the right look and incorporate metallic accent pieces to make the wedding more elegant.

Determine What Colors are Available

Shop online or at local wedding supply stores and dress shops to determine what color schemes are available. Although you may have a specific one picked out, you may find that it is hard to find decorations, flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, or other wedding essentials that match this scheme. Choose colors that can easily be reached or are standard for wedding and reception ceremonies. If necessary, consider settling for one that is a shade darker or lighter than what you originally wanted.

Try Different Color Schemes

Try a variety of different colors when choosing shades for your wedding. Visit florists and ask to see the available flower shades and arrangements that can be made with the colors you are considering. If you plan to have your bridesmaid’s dresses match the wedding colors, visit dress shops and check out the available dress style and colors. You can also visit the bakery preparing your wedding cake and see what types of icing and cake shades are available. Experiment with different colors and combinations to find the ones that work together well and match your wedding’s other aspects.

Consider your Wedding Theme

If you have chosen a theme for your wedding, you may want to find a color scheme that matches it. Determining this can be simple. If you have chosen a tropical or beach wedding theme, consider using bright colors that you may see on tropical flowers. You can also use various shades of blue and silver to help create a beach aura. If you choose a country theme, consider using pastels and browns or other light colors that resemble a country setting. Research your article and see what colors other couples chose for their wedding colors with the same theme. Consider colors and decorations that can be used at both the wedding ceremony and the reception or after-party. It will help you save money and ensure that the decorations at both events match.

By using these five tips for choosing your wedding colors, you should be able to create an eye-catching, memorable wedding that will be the talk of the town!

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